Working on a new SaaS startup.

Chief of Staff to Elad Gil.

Ex-Investing/Finance @ Oak Hill, JPM.

EECS @ UC Berkeley, CS @ UChicago.

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Shift to Remote Work Based on 7,000+ Hacker News Job Posts

Indeed it sure feels like everyone is leaning into remote work. But how is it backed up by data? Can we quantify the remote shift? Can we observe the data over time? Can we extrapolate the data to form views about the post-pandemi


Why Remote Friendly Won’t Do

Remote friendly is a term that has abruptly outlived its usefulness. In today's world where 70% of companies hiring on Hacker News are open to permanent remote positions as of January 2021, one could argue that most of the tech in


Lessons on Capital Efficiency from 21 SaaS IPOs

A common question in the minds of many SaaS founders is the pace of raising capital. How much is too much too early? What amount of capital raise is typical for comparable peers? How capital-efficient are best-in-class companies?